Rob Tonks Territory Manager – Hawleys

When I moved over to Brisbane with my family from South Africa, as part of a fresh start in a safer environment, I wanted to ensure that my family and I were at peace in our minds with the added safety net of Life insurance. I was on a limited budget setting up in a new country and David from IFM showed me how to protect my Life and Income with affordability I didn’t know was possible to do it that way. I am currently working with David on a plan to purchase a home in Brisbane as we are now permanent residents to be citizens since Australia Day 2012.

Jojo and Rebecca Tipace – Northside Boxing business owners

As a boxing personal trainer and owner of a business, I find it difficult to direct my attention on things other than my business and family. Knowing I have a licenced, qualified professional taking care of those essentials, “ I can put my mind at ease knowing that I have a fully qualified professional taking care of essential things like insurances, super contributions and tax deductibles.”

Tricia and Graeme Bell – Caloundra

I have recently retired from full time work and my husband is still working. David and Mitch have helped us with strategies which will allow us to utilise our superannuation and receive a reduction in income tax. We are also restructuring our current assets for greater security to enable us to buy more investment property in the near future.

Matt Rea – Fitter

David is my cousin and we get along quite well, we spoke about my super, insurance, properties and other forms of investment. David looks after it all for me, including an investment I knew was risky and has since got extensive problems and potential losses, and I can call him any time to help me wade through this and any other financial matters including access to other professionals.

Tracy Fox – Manly

I met with David at a café close to my workplace in the city and we discussed ways of finding money. He showed me through concepts, structure and implementation; I could find up to $16,000/yr through my super and properties.


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